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Seidman Says!: Creative Design, Marketing, and Communications Services... on Demand



Have a communications project to outsource?


Need a good writer, editor, or proofreader to add flair and style to your published text?


Looking for a talented designer to create unique and memorable logos, corporate brands, infographics, innovative printed materials, and inventive digital communications?


Seeking a firm to help you plan, organize, design and launch a professional website, or
upgrade your web presence to the ideal site you’ve always wanted?


Need help with your social media — setting up Facebook pages, maintaining your Twitter
account, or beefing up your LinkedIn presence?


Want an experienced professional with whom you can strategize to develop the most
effective marketing plan for optimal success?


Need a killer marketing deck or PowerPoint presentation to help wow your clients?


Interested in a seasoned public relations professional to help raise your — or your
organization’s — visibility?


Want assistance reaching local, national or international print or broadcast media?


Do you insist on the best talent, creative thinking and innovative approaches to support your organization’s needs — all available at reasonable prices?



YES?  Then Seidman Says! Communications is here to help!




Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity,
because if you're passionate about something,
then you're more willing to take risks.

                                                                                                      YO-YO MA